• Jasmine asc Mulberry LE2418

    Jasmine asc Mulberry LE2418
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    Kassala Bark LE4015
  • Kassala Cornsilk LE4018

    Kassala Cornsilk LE4018
  • Kassala Emerald LE4014

    Kassala Emerald LE4014
  • Kassala Quartz LE4016

    Kassala Quartz LE4016
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    Katrine Cream LE37082
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    Katrine Grey LE37085
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    Linenweave Charcoal LE2835
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    Linenweave Silver LE2833
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    Linenweave Taupe LE2830
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    oceana optic white le28501

Vertical Blinds

We offer a complete range of both fabric and PVC slats.


Vertical Blinds are ideally suited as a cost effective way to cover large windows with the ability and versatility to control light easily.

With countless fabrics and designs to suit any colour pallett.

Vertical blinds are no longer seen simply as office blinds, but can be used to enhance any room.

Louvres can rotate through 180 degrees with various stacking options available, and are operated via a cord and chain control secured by a safety clip, or a no nonsense wand operation, which is safe by design removing the need for any ligature points.  Vertical headrails are available in various colour options. 

We can also offer curved or arched rails, ideal for shaped windows.  

We are now pleased to introduce our new addition to weighted vertical blinds with no need for stabilising chains, giving a neat and tidy finish to any window.

If you are looking for a vertical blind with modern clean crisp lines, without the need for bottom weights and chains, but with the ability of being easily cleaned, then Rigid PVC vanes can offer an exciting alternative. 

Rigid PVC verticals are becoming more popular, not only in the Healthcare and Education Sectors, but also in the home offering a stylish modern look.



Call for more info: 01743 850111

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