• Arrezo Noir

    Arrezo Noir
  • Arrezo Otter

    Arrezo Otter
  • Arrezo Powder Blue

    Arrezo Powder Blue
  • Arrezo Putty

    Arrezo Putty
  • Arrezo Sage

    Arrezo Sage
  • Arrezo Shell

    Arrezo Shell
  • Arrezo Willow

    Arrezo Willow
  • Aries Champagne

    Aries Champagne
  • Aries Mist

    Aries Mist
  • Aries Platinum

    Aries Platinum
  • Astra Champagne

    Astra Champagne
  • Astra Danube

    Astra Danube
  • Balmore Apple

    Balmore Apple
  • Balmore Iron

    Balmore Iron
  • Balmore Linen

    Balmore Linen
  • Balmore Sage

    Balmore Sage
  • Balmore Silver

    Balmore Silver
  • Balmore Taupe

    Balmore Taupe
  • Balmore Wheat

    Balmore Wheat
  • Brockwell Ink

    Brockwell Ink
  • Brockwell Oyster

    Brockwell Oyster
  • Brockwell Sage

    Brockwell Sage
  • Brockwell Vintage

    Brockwell Vintage
  • Carey Champagne

    Carey Champagne
  • Carey Graphite

    Carey Graphite
  • Carey Ivory

    Carey Ivory
  • Carey Latte

    Carey Latte
  • Carey Pearl

    Carey Pearl
  • Carey Silver

    Carey Silver
  • Cleo Linen

    Cleo Linen

Roman Blinds

Decorate any room with these elegant blinds. Available in a large variety of striking plains and eye catching patterns.

Traditionally Roman blinds are lined and this can be with a standard lining fabric or a blackout lining fabric (suitably used to limit the light transmitted through the blind and to enhance the performance of the blind).  

All of our roman blinds afford the luxury of various control options, whether a robust side control chain secured by a safety device or an electric motor and remote, seemlessly operated by the touch of a button or even voice controlled (supported by a number of apps and smartphone devices).

Every blind is manufactured with safety in mind and conforms to current legislation guidelines.

With our wide choice of colours and designs we are confident that there will be one suitable to complement your home, with a complete range of curtains to match the roman blinds available as well. 

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