• Flourish Redcurrant re77191

    Flourish Redcurrant re77191
  • Flourish Sand re77193

    Flourish Sand re77193
  • Flourish Spring re77192

    Flourish Spring re77192
  • Glint Platinum re3636

    Glint Platinum re3636
  • Glint Silver re3631

    Glint Silver re3631
  • Grace Aqua re61055

    Grace Aqua re61055
  • Grace Zest re61054

    Grace Zest re61054
  • Hydrangea Grape re77151

    Hydrangea Grape re77151
  • Hydrangea Primrose re77152

    Hydrangea Primrose re77152
  • Hydrangea Sky re77153

    Hydrangea Sky re77153
  • Jasmine asc Bamboo re10842

    Jasmine asc Bamboo re10842
  • Jasmine asc Ice re1081

    Jasmine asc Ice re1081
  • Jasmine asc Mulberry re1084

    Jasmine asc Mulberry re1084
  • Jordan Beige re re36693

    Jordan Beige re re36693
  • Jordan Cream re re36692

    Jordan Cream re re36692
  • Jordan Grey re re36694

    Jordan Grey re re36694
  • Jordan White re re36691

    Jordan White re re36691
  • Kassala Cornsilk re6078

    Kassala Cornsilk re6078
  • Kassala Emerald re6074

    Kassala Emerald re6074
  • Kassala Quartz re6076

    Kassala Quartz re6076
  • Kassale Bark re6075

    Kassale Bark re6075
  • Linenweave Charcoal re15790

    Linenweave Charcoal re15790
  • Linenweave Flax re1571

    Linenweave Flax re1571
  • Linenweave Graphite re15781

    Linenweave Graphite re15781
  • Linenweave Havana re15786

    Linenweave Havana re15786
  • Linenweave Iron re15789

    Linenweave Iron re15789
  • Linenweave Moonstone re1576

    Linenweave Moonstone re1576
  • Linenweave Sand re15784

    Linenweave Sand re15784
  • Linenweave Silver re15788

    Linenweave Silver re15788
  • Linenweave Taupe re15785

    Linenweave Taupe re15785


Roller Blinds offer a combination of style, the ultimate in light control and privacy, and give any room the grace it deserves. They come in an extensive range of colours and fabrics to suit all needs from the children's nursery requiring darkness and warmth allowing your loved ones to rest peacefully, adding functional beauty and privacy to your bathroom or kitchen, to the commercial sector needing light reflection for computer glare, and specialising in total blackout requirements for hospitals (x-ray rooms) and schools where overhead projectors and science laboratories require it.  We also offer a wide range of Sheer fabrics, the perfect way to offer privacy without compromising the view.


Looking for Something Special?

Why not enhance your roller blind with a sleek cassette housing allowing your blind to seamlessly and effortlessly retract when not in use.  The beautifully designed cassette can be fabric wrapped in a matching or contrasting colour, or simply left plain giving you timeless options to customise your blinds.  Whether it is a minimalistic or traditional look the choice is yours!


All of our roller blinds afford the luxury of various control options, whether it be a robust side control chain, a detachable crank, electric motor and remote seamlessly operated by the touch of a button or even voice controlled supported by certain third party apps.  Every blind is manufactured with safety in mind and conforms with BSEN13120:2009 + A1:2014


There is a wide range of finishes available to enhance the look of any blind and make it more individual to suit your needs, from a standard scalloped edging to a more contemporary café style finish with chrome poles, finials and end caps.

Call into our showroom, our friendly experienced staff are on hand to help, view the entire range of colours and styles on offer to express your individual needs.

Call for more info: 01743 850111

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